Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick

Today I’m going to be writing a little review on Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Pink Punch. I saw on Soap and Glory’s Twitter that these little bad boys were just £3.50 at the moment in Boots, so of course I had to get me one. They also have the same stick but in matte, if that’s what you prefer. The lipstick contains a special buzz-free formula to help plump your lips, but without that uncomfortable tingling that other plumping products kindly provide.


Application is really smooth, it just glides on, which I know most lipsticks do, but sometimes I find some lipsticks, especially matte ones, can instantaneously dry out your lips the second they meet. With it being a gloss stick it does leave a slight glossy finish without being too sticky or OTT. I was slightly worried about the shade I picked (Pink Punch) being a bit too Barbie girl. I don’t normally go for bright lip colours, I’m more of a nudey pink kinda gal, but I’m actually really happy with the colour and I think it would look great for a party or something like that.

Pink Punch

Benefits and negatives:

+ Leaves a really good finish, I was really happy with how my lips looked after I’d applied it. I put on 2 layers as I wanted the colour to show.

– It’s named a gloss stick, but it doesn’t make your lips that glossy/shiny, I was expecting quite a high shine when I read the name. I mean, mine were shiny, but it just looked like I’d put on a normal moisturising lipstick.

+ The plumping formula works; my lips were a lot plumper after I’d applied it and I didn’t have to deal with that awful stinging you get with other lip plumping products.

+ It’s very durable when it comes to food, I’ve just eaten a Pot Noodle (don’t judge me) and drank a coffee and my lips still look exactly like they did before. I noticed there was a little bit of lipstick on my mug, but it was probably just a bit of excess.

– It’s slightly on the small side, but for £3.50 I’ll happily replace it when needs be, I think as long as you’re not planning on using it every day, it should last.

+ My lips feel really hydrated as well, so could be doubled up as a lip balm.

I am so happy with this gloss stick, I just wish it could be slightly more glossier once on. But, my lips don’t feel dry, the colours stayed intact after eating and drinking, so what more could you ask for in a lipstick?! I will definitely be buying this shade again and I’ll be trying out some of the other colours as well, there’s 6 more I think. I’m quite eager to try the matte version too, so looks like I’ll be paying Boots another visit soon.


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