Shedding for a Wedding Update 26th July

Hello everyone!

I meant to write a little update on Sunday about finishing week 3 of Runtastic Results, but I completely forgot and then had to work two 12 hours shifts, so I forgot again!

Week 3 is done and I feel so much stronger and fitter for just completing 3 weeks! Imagine how I’m going to feel after I finish the whole 12 weeks!

In terms of weight, I put on 1.5lb, but I think it may be due to muscle gain. I’d eaten quite well last week, having jacket potatoes and salad most nights for tea. But we did have a Chinese on Friday night as we were feeling super lazy after what felt like the longest week ever, so the salt content probably didn’t help either.

I didn’t bother doing my measurements this week as I don’t actually think I’ll see much of a change if I do it weekly, instead I’m going to take my measurements every 4 weeks as I think I’ll see bigger changes that way. Saying that though, I took my progress photo on Sunday morning and my bodies changed so much in just 3 weeks, it’s amazing!
When I finish the 12 week programme I’ll upload a before and after photo so you can see the final results, maybe it’ll give you some motivation to try it yourself!


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