Shedding for a Wedding Update 16th July

As it’s Sunday (again) I thought I’d post an update on my weight loss this week. Sadly, I only lost ¼ lb, but it was one of my colleagues’ birthday so we had a little party at work, with two birthday cakes, plus Krispy Kreme’s (drool), cookies and other picky stuff. Also, Friday night we had to babysit so the most convenient food to eat was pizza, of course! Saturday was my niece’s birthday party, where there was even more picky food and more cake!! So yeah, I really wasn’t expecting much this week. Although, I have lost 1” off my waist so not all doom and gloom!

Another week done on Runtastic Results! I’m only just starting my third week, but I already feel so much fitter for it. We rotated the mattress this morning and I wasn’t out of puff afterwards, which I used to be. It also seemed a lot lighter! I’m also finding the exercises less gruelling and more enjoyable so that’s always a positive!

I’m on nights beginning of this week, so I’ll probably eat less as I feel sick constantly when I’m on this shift pattern. I also know there’s no events going on this week, so I will not be tempted! Hopefully next Sunday I’ll have better results to share with you guys.


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