Shedding for a Wedding

It’s now 10 months until I get married and I’ve decided that it’s now or never for me to lose weight and get in shape. I feel that if getting married isn’t enough to motivate me I’ll never do it. For me, weight gain was something that very quietly crept up on me until one day I couldn’t fit into a pair of shorts I could the previous summer which ultimately knocked my confidence. However, after stumbling across my prom dress the other week I have now decided that my ultimate goal is to fit back in it and to once more feel confident in a pair of shorts or a dress which I’m feeling really excited about now.

Excuse the stains, it needs dry cleaning

The adventure started on Sunday 2nd July, so all my future weigh in’s will be on a Sunday morning.

The plan is to obviously eat well, me and Mr LLR are a sucker for take-aways so we’re going to nip that in the bud and I have a serious chocolate addiction, so I need to address that to. After deciding to lead a healthier, more radiant lifestyle and after Mr LLR watched Simon Amstell’s Carnage (I couldn’t bring myself to watch it) we’ve decided to go pescatarian. I used to be pescatarian when I was 16 for about 18 months and I loved it, but sadly I gave into the pressures of ‘you should eat meat, you’re weird for being pescatarian’ and I started eating meat again. So I’m pretty happy to be going back to what I believe in and how much cheaper our monthly shop is!! I don’t think we’ll go vegan, but we have been put off drinking cows milk, so yesterday I brought some Alpro soya milk, which is so nice! I’ve also been put onto Alpro Go On yogurts, my favourite being the passion fruit one! Luckily, Mr LLR has decided he wants to get into shape too so is doing this alongside me. It’s nice knowing we’ve got each other for support instead of trying to sabotage one another with the lure of Chinese food! We’ve decided not to diets, as they’ve not worked for us in the past, we just put the weight back on, so instead it’s all about making better choices.

Regarding fitness, I’ve downloaded and started the first week of Runtastic’s Results app. Mr LLR is also doing this, but he’s jogging on the side too. Results is a 12-week strength training programme which is designed to increase your fitness and help you lose weight. When you first open the app you have to complete a fitness test by seeing how many squats, sit-ups, 4-count-burpees and push-ups (if I remember correctly) you can do in 2 minutes. This kicked my butt and I didn’t actually realise how un-fit I was! It then generates your first workout which is split into 4 rounds, mine included:

20 Mod. Jumping Jacks

10 Knee Push-ups
10 Squats
10 Bicycle Crunches

You have to repeat this 4 times and you get a 60s pause between each round, which trust me, you need! There’s also the option to complete warm-up and cool down which you don’t have to do, but it does make a difference.

My plan

Even though I’ve only done one workout I’ve really enjoyed using this app. The main features I like about it are the five health and nutrition guides for you to have a read through, as these provide advice on weight loss, muscle gain, cross training, the basics and the 12-week programme. I also like that there is an option to take and store progress photos every week which I think is good for motivation.
The only thing I dislike is it can seem a bit too much sometimes, for example my next workout I have to complete 50 jumping jacks straight away and 20 mountain climbers after. I will certainly try my best, but it seems a bit too intense.

I will provide updates on my weight loss journey on a weekly basis!


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